Way Of Life

Every morning gives us lot of hopes and an energy to attain our unfulfilled dreams. We follow a routine as soon as we are awake ..but there are times our routine would change and that changes our entire day too. Until a couple of years back almost all our work and thoughts were relying on the outside world. From a kindergarten kid to a senior citizen we were associating a lot with nature , people. socialising was a major part. Life was felt because we were connecting with life (lives of many living things) , joyous emotion we experienced when we mingled freely with one another. Days were damn good and with each passing day we collected memories!!

And now suddenly when we look outside the window ; what has changed?! What happened to our lively routine? Where did this association go? We lost our charm isn’t it !? While we talk about this human touch and all other factors, aren’t we scared of humans now ? We maintain distance even when someone is in real need . We are scared to reach out to them , we step out ,we ignore !! We spray off people as if they are all insects.

It’s good to be safe & secured ,yes that’s primary but the worrying question is , are we doing all these at the cost of kindness and humanity? – one facet .

From the same window if we wish to look out at the other end we could hear people’s cry and could watch the way they suffer without getting basic essentials. People starve, they fight for life, many look out for ways to save their dear ones , children have become orphans, students educational graph collapsed and a lot more…

And we love to read these real time stories if it’s been articulated well with a bit of spice and sent as a social media forward text – Saddening state of society

Wait!!!!!! How can we miss out on the souls who exhibit compassion beyond boundaries which indeed saved many lives & it still does . This brotherly love is stupendous and definitely the need of the hour .

However these trying times have even challenged this solicitude because people who were willing to help also became so helpless and that part was devastating. We live through this ,we sense this – The strange two facets of society.

Nothing wrong in protecting our family first , it should be the way. At the same time being there for others during melancholic depressing period should be a part of our mankind. It’s not about strangers it’s about fellow humans. If someone is in front of us with folded hands and teary eyes seeking a small support ,how can we turn our heads away from them? Small act of any goodness creates ripple effect ,an effect that impacts the coming generations too.

Not a compulsion that we need to go out and prove this helping face of ours. In this modern world we can do many good things at the touch of our finger , let’s cultivate the importance of giving our small part to the humans in need . Need not to be materialistic, not always that would soothe people’s suffering.

Few things take less efforts but creates deep warmth like :

Two minutes of kind and consoling conversation with the ones who are going through hard times ,

Simple act of asking our friends about their life & happenings ,

Frequent check on our beloved ones health and state,

Loving act of keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.

All these add greater value during dolour and also it completes us as a promising human being. Trace out for situation that’s lacking goodness and let’s fill it with all that we have by adding more and more.

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others? – Martin Luther King,

Good Life – in pursuit

Demise of our loved ones are insufferable!! It’s same when you have the person alive yet you feel that unvaried loss and void .

They fall into one of a kind category : still exist but no more ( for you alone) – piercing sadness !!

It’s sad when people lose people without giving a thought & the worst way to do is Judas kiss.

If we all can have dog’s loyalty and faithfulness ,we could live in great harmony and could bind ourselves with Greater LOVE,

How can we live our life to the fullest by putting others at the edge of misery but we humans do that repeatedly and that’s what we are known for !! We are self- obsessed in all ways possible .

If we can look into dark & lonely nights of our beloved ones and their silent tears , I wonder we would atleast start to build a heart & mind of what a human should actually possess – We can try !

World holds innumerable pulls in which we can indulge ourselves and relish but are we cautious that we are taking pleasure not at the cost of others torment?!

It’s ugly & disheartening to see how we are treating & greeting people without having compassion !

How do we claim that we act with humanity if :
Our eyes are filled with temptation
-Our tongues are poured with lies
-Our hearts are packed with greed
-Our minds are closed with secrets
– & Our souls are left with regrets …

Well , We live in a period where we kick start with whats-up (app) and add contacts finally break it by block contact & we end up saying : we are freed!! – Modern Relationship sucks

Lives & emotions have become more cheap whereas desires and lure are having its gala time!! – Bitter Truth

Amongst all these there are shattered hearts which can still beat with left over humanity – Life & it’s certainty

Dreaming of days when we could genuinely believe and trust people around us and can feel the real warmth & kindness : Longing of many souls .

Working Girl

There is this community upon which we all have a fixed opinion , a community which we omit from rest of the society. And to our surprise many women get into this hurdle so that they get a living by serving this community. A community which is built upon irrepressible sexual needs and always look forward to swive with as many as possible.

People who serve this community and head their living are called as “ Prostitutes”. Like every other person even I have such a negative impact on such practices. We could see many women, transgenders getting involved into this action not because they have unsaid sexual desires but just to fill the hungry tummies of their families. And that sounds so mindless when we think of why to live a life just by selling your body for the sake of money wherein providing pleasure to that community.

Here we have lakhs of engineers, doctors , IT specialist and people under various educative professions who struggle and work hard to fill their pocket and their needs,in-between there are these people who find their livelihood by promoting their curves for a night …. Collectively for many nights and getting their meals.

But if we ask few questions to the women who are actually being into this slavery …what would be their answers?!!

Would it be , yes am willing to do it (Or)
Would it be , yes I love this pleasure (Or)
Would it be , No I am forced into this (Or)
Would it be , No I have only this left …..!!

What would actually be their responses?! When I went through related articles and documentaries about these people and the community , I came across shocking facts which you might have already well aware of:

  1. They are being forced as they have been treated so badly in their respective professions earlier.
  2. They became slaves of this community because they are uneducated .., Nothing else would profit them.
  3. They chose this because their husbands were drunkards , so these women took this up for their children’s future .
  4. They got used to it as it’s easy and quick practice , it’s always in demand.
  5. Some got into this by their own interests.

Likewise there are many personal stories where women have been wrongly treated by the society and been looked as sex doll where they were asked to lie down inturn of various favours. Our society instead of providing wide openings for women’s career , asking her to open her legs widely to enjoy every bit of her and to put end to her upliftment.

The most saddest part of all these women is when their so called “customers” treat them in an inhuman way and calling them as “whore” and sexually harass them. Losing their dignity and meeting the sexual want of their customers would be the priority for these women.

So if women thinks that this is the only way of making a living as they could not fit into any other well earned work or profession….,

  • There would not have been any women domestic helpers or maids,
  • There would not have been any women scavengers,
  • There would not have been any women babysitters,
  • There would not have been any women who sell flowers in the roadside or in the vicinity of temples,
  • There would not have been any women housekeepers,
  • There would not have been any women toilet cleaners,
  • Definitely there would not have been any “aayas” (maids) in our school campuses.

Women who chose to be auto drivers, rickshaw drivers are not well educated …and yes they have also failed to earn a professional degree or a government job yet they determined to work hard by creating their own identity in such fields to uphold their life as well as to lighten up their upcoming generations.

What’s that we have made for our women who are illiterate or who didn’t get opportunities or who have been mistreated in their earlier employments …what kind of place are we building for them ??

At the time when we portray about women entrepreneurs ,there are a dozen who are falling to serve this ” Lust Community” . If it’s their personal wish that’s a different story but what about the frails who are being labelled as “ Prostitutes” just because they didn’t get or find any other means.

If getting into “ Prostitution Community” out of despondency is the only way ….why are we so much happy in celebrating women empowerment and being keen on educating women.

There should not be a living out of a forceful act or by a woeful profession ., Yet many of our women are undergoing this and they simply say “ it’s for their children

When one woman provides her body with a blue heart at the same time there is another woman who is getting cheated on that same night as she would also be left with a heavy heart in search of her missing husband.

At one end she says , She is doing it for her children .., whereas at another end she feels sheepish in bringing up her children amidst such father. Two different ends with various emotions yet with loads of burden at heart .

She Still Struggles!!!

Why Not Eyes @ office?!

Finally Graduated and here she comes as a colleague to work and upskill alongside with you.

While she takes her steps by wearing all that confidence and adding charisma in her path , there she feels so uneasy as your eyes straightaway looks at her boobs when she approaches you!!!


Why is that kinda awkward situation u bring up to your colleague ?! She is your frnd ,your advisor and your competitor but at an instance you just destroy your own dignity and respect.

She had spoken to you  many times, she had laughed with you , she had shared best times with you. She thought you would be her good friend who guides and guards her but why you make her feel agitated ?!

Yes she has boobs that’s how god created her. That’s her design man!! but then why you  just stare at it like young have not seen any in your lifetime ?!

A workplace where skills opportunities and growth are equally shared. Why can’t you accept her or look at her as a good damn educated women rather than glancing at her boobs when she comes near you.


  • Please look into her EYES; dont you see that insecurity burning inside her or dont you sense she feels jittery!!

What would be your reply if at all she asks, doesn’t your mom have it ?!


There are lot of protest happening against sexual harassment but no one ever points out these silent killers which would make the workplace hell for her.

Well It’s just an organ ; pls grow up man : first rise your standards and then you can raise your voice against rapists.

Don’t think that only rape is offense ,the act which you are doing indicates how ((GOOD)) you have been brought up!!!!!!!!!


World is moving towards balance for better. It’s your responsibility to make it better and secure for her.

Thought -Provoking


There is so much for the mind to carry out.. !!

Isn’t many things that carry away our thoughts ;in terms of good memories and there are some thoughts which  restricts beautiful moments!!  Have we ever thought of what are those “Many Things”??

In darkness we seek light , in sorrow we opt for joy , being poor we dream to be rich .. These are all the common thoughts of people we see each and everyday. But what really make us to think a lot and a lot and out of the box ??!!


We think of being so beautiful or handsome ,

we think of being royal or billionaire ,

we really think to be on top in the race ,

we kill our brain by comparing it with other million brains ,

we let our thoughts to keep us aloof,

our thoughts on inferiority eats us ,

we spoil beautiful relationships by the venomous thoughts …

And don’t we feel that we are focusing more on negativity?!

images (1)

The answer is Yes Many people are surrounded by such negative waves … And we end up to be dismissive!!

So what result this gloomy field would yield == “Loneliness, hatred, provokes drug and alcohol addiction , feeling of neglection and it costs Human Emotion”.

Have we ever anticipated for positivity amidst negativity ?

As of now half of the population tries the level best to see despair even in best optimistic scenerio.

When we try exploring it ,the results would be:


“we want to be them , we dont like to be us.,

We wanted to be as educated as our kins,
We wanted to be more richer than our siblings,
We wanted to be as modern as our friends,
We really wanted to be as beautiful as  cine stars,

We wanted a partner as goodlooking as a stranger,

We wanted to be as eminent as celebrities ,
We wanted to be as educated as our peers”.

We want “everything”but we fail to aspire for that”every-thing” which crowns our priceless time , value and effort. Nowadays It’s easy to grab it than to get it through tireless attempts and sacrifices.

So we end up to fall into the field of negative waves caused by such thoughts. Millions and millions are trapped in it and are struggling to get over it to find their identity and uniqueness instead living in the phases of drug and alcohol addiction, depression, stress and inferiority complex.


How can we find a way from there ??Isn’t a very big question? !! Why should we find a way as we are supposed to find our self worth, unique qualities and a promising individulaity!!

NOW please don’t Start thinking on how did he/she identified their self worth, why not me ?! Atleast for a while try competing with your self and not by looking at others !


Lost Star !

           ***I broke him***


He was the one who brought me into the world called love. He introduced me ,he holded my hands ,he watched my step he gave me all those beautiful colors from every galaxies.

Infatuation during teenage is what we heard of but a true love on such age is something you must long for. Well I was at infatuation ,he was in true love.

I still remember how well he pampered me and took care of me.

When I wanted to munch ,he became my petti shop! 
When I wanted to lie on ,he became by warm couch!!
When I wanted to shout out ,he became by dumb toy!!!
When I wanted to smile ,he became my clown!!!!

I was his everything until I treated him a real joker. When he started building our imaginary futrue, I shattered his dreams.

The feel of infatuation swung from place to place. The magnetic pull I felt on another field surpassed my feelings for him.

I left him ,I destroyed him. He begged me I literally did not give a penny of love on him. Instead I insulted by breaking his trust and belief.

Importantly I killed our love. A true love which I had it as a boon on my teenage.

I never knew that masculine body ,well trimmed beard , branded shirts ,costly gifts or hell lot of surprises is never gonna make my liFe better until I started longing for love and care.

I threw the one who respected me and devoted to me. He was the one who kept on following me like a sun and gave his light. I neglected it and put myself in complete darkness.

Now I look our for light as this darkness is making me breathless and it threatens me. The silence of this dark whispered to me: “How bad u teared apart a true love. You chose this and you lost your way and light ,what are you searching for ?! You lost your way and you cant find him again.You are trapped!!,_ . I was frightened and broken.

I was all bad as much as I could be. I realised we could kill a person not only with materials or weapons but also by our mirage love.

So far ,though I was with him I was at a distance thinking like a fool that the stars are very small and just sparkles. While now I am amazed how marvellous it will be. Full of wonder and grace.


I look back and I could see N number of girls would love to own such phenomnol star which I lost. He is definitely a star who paved a way for me to think of what true love is ,how a true love could be !!!

My one lost star !

Say ,Love You


There is a time when we  are in need of something . We go crazy for so many things – where we are desperate for it , where we fight hard to attain it , where we even push ourselves to touch and feel it.

Everyone has their own longings , desires, rage ,aim and visions and the method  how we succeed it differs from person to person.

Some will have pace in targeting it- like a race they run hard to obtain it

While some choose turtle method where they stabilize then  slowly and steadily they own it.

Likewise we the humans have boundless impulse on entities.

We come across different stages of life from different poles. We hear many languages and we speak few , we imbibe various cuisine , we adopt many culture and to the surprise have a unique identity.

All these common facets on a unique human seems to be really enthralling. Sometimes it seems so weird like how we all end up being like this.

We are totally distinctive yet we are connected by different factors that make up our world . Well this is the time to think what would make ourselves a better Man ,Woman or Transgender in this universe?!

We are born and naturally we become a member of a family tree. The branches extends …extends and even more becomes so huge as it witnesses each generations.

However the tree stands tall and majestic with all happy memories like a ripe fruit , also some bitter days like a rotten one ,Some hard days like dry leaves along with many cherishing days like refreshing greenery.
Like birds find their shelter in the tree , how they build the nest and chirps happily along with the big majestic tree so are our friends they bring joyful songs to our life  and make it more amiable.

Though heavy storm hit the tree , it would not fall that easily unless and until it root weakens. Well the root cause that keeps it alive and together is known as LOVE.

Love is the root of any bond which keeps the relationship flourishing.

Love builds up our planet:

Love between Sun and earth, we get night and day.

Love between moon and earth , we tend to enjoy the romantic moonlight.

Love between clouds and sea , we get rain that gives life.

Love between plant and soil ,we get food.

Likewise we could find love in anything and everything,LOVE binds us.

The tiny amount of love that we show indeed helps or uplifts other lives too. Love could be in any form:

In the wagging tail of your pet you enjoy love.

In the soft paws of your kitten you feel love.

In the sharp eyes of your bird you find love.

Love doesn’t look for 6 senses it is unconditional and eternal in everything that exists in front of us.

“Love you” are not forbidden words. Also it is not restricted to certain bonds. Love is free and it is for everyone, Love is a forgiving and lifegiving Factor.

Hence practice saying “Love You” not only to your fellow family , your Kiths and kins and to your adoring pets but also to your acquaintance ,to your peers, to your neighbour , to your garden plants and to your favourite flowers.

Spread love even to unknown people. Love defines you and benefits others.

It builds a world of togetherness which eradicates discrimination and diversity .

Love between U And Me , makes us a Better human.

Well , I love you !!!

En route to kodai

En route to kodai
To create memories

After all the pre planning , fake rationale at home, besseching parents to let go : finally the DAY which was like a dream come true for us !!

Plan was non stop for the past one month in getting things done like travel bus , hotel rooms, food and most importantly master plan for girls so that they can escape into this wanderlust.

As days nearby our whatsapp group name kept on changing everyday like a count-down from 10 days prior till the trip day August 10th. So much of excitement in air as it was very hard to keep on watching the clock on that special “Trip on” Friday ,  we were supposed be there at sharp 9  at meeting point ,well unplanned things becomes more haunting likewise it was past 10pm to Kick start one such memorable journey!!


Nearly a 10 hours journey started off in our rented bus with colorful music , Dance and witty remark. So much of energy and elation as this was the first time we spot such family gathering of our “Thangamana Uravu”(Beloved Relation)

After the pooja near guindy , the bus kick started not to kodaikanal but to a hotel because we were underfed ,Meanwhile without any surprise our friend PJ opened his account of vomiting.



Thereby to retain pep we all needed dosas, chicken rice, parotas, mutton curry why not a coffee at 12?! Ofcourse we imbibed that too in a  hotel along the highway.



Laughter on one end, jokes on one end , pulling legs on one end, fear of vomit on other end …the bus was fulled with mixed thoughts as the wheels of it was directing us to our destination !!

Funky beats in aisle by our frnds bala, elango , prashanth ,raju and our so called “Red Ranger” Ram. Must admit it was a wholesome fun and fun only.

After few hours, drowsiness emerged therefore we hit out push back seats. To keep us entertained two best(on a witty note) films were screened in our bus’s tv which no one watched.


All the hubbub came to an end as sleep knocked and shuttered the eyes !!
A refreshing break after a 5hrs of non stop journey which we really wanted ,the climate was really soothing as it became really enjoyable once we sipped hot coffee and tea.


Chit chats and candid pics in our circle ,those 20 mins to half an hour was really bracing.


Again the travel started where we had to cover more than100 kms. The morning light elevated the energy level as we started to have more frolic!!


After few hours while we were nearing vathalagundu , our friend Anu suddenly spotted a familiar face who was nevertheless our very own buddy Bhuvi. We were dazed by our anu’s eagle like eyes as she accurately got  him.


A few minutes halt for Bhuvi to join our “(color)kalaifull” bus. Finally with a full set of our own people we were on the way  to kodai !!


A group picture before we had climbed up to adore the queen of hills became mandatory.


once we started climbing up the hills the scenic view enthralled us and the breezy climate chilled our mind !!


Finally we stepped in at 12 pm on Saturday at”Stay Simple” where the queen of hills offered a haven!



Rooms were accommodated ,a quick bath and we decked out in comfy wear to munch our brunch.


Our sightseeing stage began post heavy brunch , we walked nearly 10 minutes into the  town to reach the “Padagu kuzham”(Boating) , quickly after getting the tickets we got into the paddling boats of 2 seated and 4 seated.


It was one sublime evening as we were paddling through the lake , the dark and alluring clouds drizzled love and warmth on behalf of the queen of hills.

Icecreams in the middle of the lake added more delight to the numbing evening !!



Out from boating and we were sipping hot chocolate and coffee in a stall along with loads of mocking and chit chatting.


Day 1 of sightseeing done while we stepped into the rooms. All set for a cricket match in that cold dusk ,post which we had warming camp fire along with music and waggish dance .


The night emerged and we hit our bed after a bit tiring day.  Now that was hilarious where the ghost came into picture , cooking up ghost story and spoiling the sleep of our friends is a real time fun isn’t?!


That is what we did and as an amusing result  8 to 9 people accustomed in one room in the fear of hallucination !!


The second day perhaps we would call that as shoot day !!


This time all decked up in a theme , we quickly had breakfast arranged in the resort, must mention that the vadai was yummy.

Back into the bus and was on the way to pine forest. That place was really calm and arresting !! A must visit in the queen of hills.


Our shoot day started with many trails and errors, our very own DOP vinoth captured every imposing moment through the lens along with the exemplary support of our choreo master Ashwini.


Where on another end our king in DOP bhuvi exhibited some of his skills by capturing many candids and snaps.

It was similar to an outdoor shooting where there was a make up artist, assistant DOP’s , bystander and actors. It was a creative thought wherein the montage came out very well after all the struggle actors had with such cold climate.



Time taken to switch  from  pine forest to Guna cave was very less  ,meanwhile we swallowed dainty maggi , mushroom and lemon rice outside the stall near guna cave  which was quite expensive.


we wondered how could the queen of hills offer such ravishing panorama!!

The cave was covered with mist which was eye catching as well as lens catching because we ended up with many pics!!

A final touch to the suicide point in the vicinity of guna cave however a scary welcome by the monkeys forced us to leave soon.


Back from cave to the cottage most of us hit the bed, concurrently one of our friends was about to leave kodaikanal so a quick send off was given.

That night ended up with Bucket of fun as we were running out of laughter. To fight against the cold , we had thin inner sweater (light boozing) along with some fun games.


Our very own show stealer and entertainer Ram put a wide smile on our face as we had a pleasure sleep later that night.

The final day where we had to pack up the things which had been spread across in our bed and wardrobe. (When friends are together untidy rooms are the best place to live in)

The time ranging between unpacking the bag on first day  to packing the bag the on last day would be  the quality time we spend during the tour.

Awesome threesome
Awesome Threesome

Being bit Saddnedd we kept all the luggages back in the bus while there was still bits and bytes of Photoshoot happening in the lawn.


Well we were not directly starting to Chennai, we still had two things left one is coaker’s walk and the last important session of any tour is shopping.

We started from our cottage nearly @ 1:30 pm on Monday , travelling on t way to see the rare flower ” Kurinji Malar” which blossoms once in 12 years, it was there in coaker’s walk.


Coaker’s walk indeed enhanced the beauty of the queen by its captivating scenery where we even saw rainbow.

It was so pleasant where after the chilling rain , a ray of light diffused on droplets to bring rainbow which enriched our mind.


Finally out from coaker’s walk with happy and fun moments.



Marched towards the  restaurant so that we could get some food for our hungry stomach.

Atlast shopping area which was near by the lake. We had N number of stores to dive in for window shopping.

We rented cycles for our purchase , it was one awesome experience where we felt like back to our childhood days with jerkin on and hoods covering heads. We enjoyed those 60 mins in the evening of Aug13 .


Paddling the cycle , roaming on the roads and when suddenly strikes our eyes applying break and getting into the shop to buy our favourite chocolates, accessories and clothing was one great evening altogether.

Finally the time where we had to bid bye to the queen of hills who took safe care on us for three days from Aug 11 to Aug 13.


We climbed down the hill with so much memories to cherish, well in between the bus scenerio was a total surprise for us. Like a chain reaction we started vomiting one by one.

Searching for plastic covers as it was running out  , applying Vicks all over the hand and face to avoid vomitting sensation, swallowing pills ,controlling the laughter, acting like sleeping , doing all that we can do to escape from dizziness was really comical


At one point we had to halt so that we could spare time for vomiting. It was one hell of fun which we can never forget .

Everything settled once we were finally into the highway , we had our dinner on the way in a restaurant post which a non stop travel to our home “Singara Chennai”

The trip was so memorable as it contained all sort of feelings and emotions. Most importantly it showcased the bond and togetherness of our never fading
” Thangamana Uravu” (Beloved Relation)

A trip that brought our friends from different poles and gave such cherishing moments !!


The Unknown Face

All set for the new beginning , a big transformation from a school kid to a college goer! Janu was completely excited to have a rocking start in her dream college ..! With many image running on her head she fell asleep by grabbing her favourite pillows!

She woke upto the thunder bang on her door where her mom at an elevated pitch (“college ponum time achu paru”: need to start to college , it’s getting late ) instructured  her ! Nervous morning for her since she woke up by having the perception of college life. She quickly got ready ,sat on the dining table to arrange her bag like how she used to do during her school days but this time with some addons including a sanitizer, lipstick and a comb ..well at one corner her mom geetha was staring at her with a wicked smile !!

Hasty bye to everyone in the home including her fluffy puppy,  like always skipping the breakfast she ran towards her dad and jumped on in his scooter.

At the start of one ,two and three , Mr Ganesh started his scooter to drop her daughter in the college. Janu was fully drained out with a distance of “Parent Advice” covering 10 kms.Finally she took a long breath and nodded to everything her father said.


A very first day all geared up for the  welcome speech of the principal of college. While minute of silence was prevailing :” Hi ,aren’t you bored” someone murmured in the ear of janu , with a shocking note she turned and that was the first time they met !

First meet of theirs paved way to many other accidental as well as incidental catch ups !! whenever she looked at him , there was this magical fire in his eyes which completely mesmerized her !

Janu felt that days were passing  so fast however in the mean time deep understanding of the “SUBJECT” was there in place,  as it helped in bringing them much closer from the so  called friend zone. The feel that they shared when it was more than friendship and less than love was so chilling !!

She admired him so much and started devoting for him… The love that  janu had on him cannot be explained even in hundred shakerspeare’s sonnets. It was all hers ,she created her own fairy town where she being the GIRL and he being her only MAN.

It was as soothing as an enchanting poem because she was completely drenched is his thoughts :                                    Every decision putting himfirst, Every attention giving it to him,  Every smile she had for him,        Every  drop of love  showered on him,                                              Every piece of care given to him .. ,since He was her Everything .. !!

She was a mad duck simply  quaking and following his paths , helped Chasing his dreams where she missed to carry out her own dreams and wishes ..! She gave out all her happiness for him by which she ended up with unstoppable tears !

HER LOVE , you know what janu’s one damn first and divine love was at a toss when he shared the house of his Heart with many Janu’s.  This little innocent looser did not know that all of his words, smile ,possesiveness , touch ,kiss, tickling midnight talks , date night  were not owned by her but sadly rented by many !!

It was not Bonding for years , it was a bondage in terms of fake love and promises. Due to slippery words janu slipped from her state of steadiness and reality and His lust killed her Trust!!

He didnt know that ,.he missed out a treasure as he failed to measure the  impeccable love of Janu!!



Can you understand how it pains ?! 

The word freedom has innumerable content in it ! It’s not that easy for a common girl to taste the fruit called “Freedom”

She s accustomed to the comfortable level of others !! Where at one point she will lose her identity  , now that  I ask u the question can u understand her pain ?!

Here she s ,”Subha” : when she was a 12 year old  ,happily roaming out with her frnds during t summer holiday, enjoying to her fullest and forgetting the rest !! She was a type of a lass who would love to explore and learn things , have fun , make frnds and travel more. At 12 not knowing how this society would treat her , she was all eager abt her future with heart filled joy!!

There was a time when she had been marked as impure while she was shedding blood, turned out to be her first hit.

This first blow was quite challenging however she coped up and started fighting back by turning her physical weakeness into strength!!

While ages go by ,the Beauty in her heart and soul reflected in her face which was as Charming as a glowing moon! Young girl into a woman just like a pupa into a butterfly.  Carrying more colorful dreams on her shoulder and she dreambt about flying High and high !!

She had wings to fly and taste the essence of literature , also she had opportunity to engage herself at workplace …everything was fine except her freedom !!

She didnt feel her freedom through the education given by her parents!! She didnt feel her freedom through the job which her parents wanted !!

She wanted her likes to be fulfilled but her heights of exploration was broken into pieces , she had been restricted to extend her circle through which she lost her small circle of friends too !!

Her freedom was at a toss however she managed to smile and acted as if she was accomplished in all aspects of her life !!

This society which built her parents mind .. Simply destroyed her inner joy , vivid dreams and stole her freedom !!

But that was not the end ,You know what she is unstoppable , she clings to her never-fading dreams … Fighting against odds she built herself just falling “outside” the circle of so called “SOCIETY” where she found her freedom.

People around her is not happy …well the people with her are really proud of what she is now !!

It just needed a pinch of trust, pinch of understanding and a pinch of belief on Subha’s receipie of dream to make it worth the effort and time!! she surpassed her hurdles and toils as she is persistent!

Further she decorates her life with self esteem and satisfaction which naturally makes her heart celebrate t real meaning of living !!